Trade Execution. Redefined.
Custom Escrow Contracts providing risk free On & Off ramp for a SAFU experience


The TryEx pitch inclusive of Escrow and other relevant features has been circulated across multiple industry stakeholders ranging from interested CEXs and VCs to other experts in the field for increased awareness and quick adoption

The Token

21,000,000 TryEx tokens are available for consumption across multiple time frames. Allocations are as below:

- 6,000,000 Launched to LP
- 3,000,000 Burnt
- 3,000,000 Staking Pool
- 3,000,000 Locked for 1 year
- 3,000,000 Team (vesting 6 months)
- 3,000,000 Multichain (Bridged to Arbitrum)


The Solution

How does TryEx solve the On & Off ramp confidence crisis

Provides funds to the Escrow Contract

Can place trades up to the eligibility limit of the respective entity or CEX. Funds remain SAFU as it is locked on chain in contract rendering full visibility and transparency of overall account, can top up as needed

Provides the Trading Service

Can transparently view the available funds in escrow before extending margin for the trader to execute the trade. In the event of a liquidation the CEX can call funds and close the trade as per the respective protocol

Provides the Platform

Acts as the silent, permissionless, unbiased administrator governed by the Smart Contract. Ensures neither party can escape from obligations and provides real time on chain visibility for governance and overall throughput

Future TryEx Ecosystem

The TryEx token aspires to be more than just a tollgate or governance token for the escrow feature that end users can benefit from. There is a growing need for transparent and well managed Centralized Institutions and the TryEx Org will bridge the gap by expanding into a larger universe of multiple offerings in the CEX space

  • TryEx - A CEX that allows users to hold funds in escrow. A DeFi prime broker that blends into the CEX space while remaining decentralized in its governance and functionality

  • TryEx Chain - An L1 chain that will provide a platform for projects to build on seamlessly. EVM compatibility at the outset and futuristic in its scalability

Use the Blockchain

Seamless execution. Increased Transparency. Low Risk.